See what motivates us

I thank you Max to persuade me to come for this course. And I thank you the trainer Kenny Tay, Paul Ong, Vasu, Dev, David Chiang. They have been a good trainer to me.

Firstly, thank to Zyzy for encouraging me to join this course! This course taught me a lot of things. Not only about customer service but about life. Have to have self VMV. Thank you to Mr Kenny, David, Vasu, and Paul for their times teaching us!

My first thanks goes to Zyzy, my agent for letting me know of this course. And also thanks to Kenny Tay, Vasuda, David, and Paul Ong for all the lessons and the extra knowledge they taught me. This course had made me a better person.

Thank you for being there for us (going through) difficulty in our studies and communication. Thank a lot and I appreciate your kindness. We will meet again soon. To all facilitator, agent, and accessor.

Thanks for coming to me to tell me about this course. Without you, I wouldn’t be as confident as now and with this course I’ve gained knowledge.

Thanks for the recommendation about this course. I have come this far to upgrade myself and I am really happy about it. And to all my trainers, especially Mr Vasu. He’s such a great guy, funny, and amazing guy!!! Thanks.

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