If we want to maximise our life, leadership is unavoidable subject.  Many people equate leadership to having a prestigious CEO or director title, but it is not. I agree with leadership guru Robin Sharma in what differentiates leaders from mediocrity are their character traits and mindsets.

Whether we are in leadership positions, leadership starts with being able to lead ourselves. If we can’t lead ourselves, how do we lead our people to achieve our goals? How do we naturally inspire people around us then?

What is self-leadership, then?

Personally, I think it is largely linked to personal mastery. People with great self-leadership develop high self-awareness and take personal responsibilities on everything that happens in their lives. When issues arise, they will take the initiatives to solve the problems. When things don’t go their way, they will take actions to solve the problems instead of victimising themselves (‘Why me?’). Having self-awareness is thus important to identify what is the key factor to moving forward.

If we don’t like what we do now, change. Explore and connect with coaches to assess your core values and capabilities, and upgrade your skillset.

If we feel that our relationships get strained, communicate. Or approach professionals for advice.

If we feel that we are not earning enough, we can seek what is missing, or even find a side hustle. We should also wonder how can we add more value to others. Should we re-look at how we are communicating our values across?

If tragic events happen, it is fine to take time to feel sad. However, we should seek comfort in knowing that there are many supports available around us.

When we are able to lead ourselves and set the right examples, we can naturally inspire people around us to act in the same way. Ultimately, the organisation will have a strong culture by having like-minded people with the right values.

If one prefers to be an individual contributor, he/she can still be a leader by living with the right traits. Remember, leadership is not about title or position. Leadership is a mindset.

Take ownership and start leading yourself!

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