Digital Marketing Fundamentals

What you will experience

  • A course with fundamental understanding of digital marketing that is occurring intensively in this digital era
  • Duration: 4 days full time schedule or 10 days part-time schedule
  • Statements of Attainment upon completion of course (with assessment)

What you will learn

  • Learn essential fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Understanding various digital marketing platforms and online marketing channels
  • Learn introductory design and creative thinking to better understand the close relation between marketing and use of captivating imagery to engage audiences. 


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Who should attend?

  • Marketing executives, marketing managers, graphic designers, junior marketing executive
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to broaden their marketing and sales channels
  • Individuals who aspire to be marketing personnels or online entrepreneurs 

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Modules in sequential order (with learning units):

1. Program and Assessment brief

2. Digital Marketing Overview (Learning unit)

    2a. Understanding Digital Marketing in the corporate world

    2b. RACE Digital Marketing Funnel

3. Understanding Costing, Budgeting and Bidding

4. Placement Optimization (SEM & SMM)

5. Introduction to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (Learning unit)

     5a. The Google Ad rank indexing formula

     5b. Google Ads campaign strategies

     5c. How to use the Google Ads Manager

6. SEM – Practice (Ad Creation) and Placement Optimization (SEM) recap (Learning unit)

     6a. How to create Search Ads

     6b. How to create Responsive Ads

     6c. How to create Video Ads

7. Introduction to Instagram for Business (Learning unit)

     7a. How Instagram for Business is used

     7b. How to create Instagram for Business

8. Introduction to Facebook Ads (SMM) (Learning unit)

     8a. Introduction to Facebook Pages and how to use them

     8b. Creating Ads from Facebook Pages

     8c. The Facebook Ad Index formula

     8d. Facebook

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