About Us

Exena Learning Hub has its roots as a Social Enterprise. With a heart for social causes, we advocate how better skillsets can impact lives and escape the daily rat race.

We strongly believe that education is the best form of investment. We felt the dedication to incorporate the culture of Lifelong Learning into daily lives, and the sense of satisfaction derived from providing quality learning opportunities to contented learners keeps us moving forward.

Be it courses for Career advancement, Digital Readiness, or Lifestyle and Hobbies, individuals can expect to find some of the most popular courses from our wide variety of training programmes.

Together with our technology partner, Wizlearn Technologies, we bring blended learning to corporations. We seamlessly integrate both online and offline learning to bring a one-stop learning solution. The expertise from years of extensive content development ensures training that is relevant, effective, and customised.

We constantly seek to collaborate and are always on the lookout for talents who share the same values and beliefs, as well as strategic partnerships. We believe in forging cohesive collaborations for the greater good of consumers in the long run.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela once said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.

And we are glad to be part of this change.

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Our Vision

To be a market leader in bringing convenience through providing a one-stop learning & development solution.

Our Mission

At Exena Learning Hub, we strive to empower individuals from all walks of lives in their pursuit of self-fulfillment through lifelong learning. We strongly believe that learning is a rewarding journey and that it should be a necessary part of everyone’s life.

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Our Values

A Growth Mindset

We are enthusiastic advocates of learning, we believe that every skill is learnable as long as we open up our minds and dedicate our time and effort to acquire it.

Respect, Ethics and Integrity

We treat one another with respect, as if how we want to be treated. We believe that being ethical is to do things the right and proper way, and integrity is doing what’s right even when nobody is watching.

Surpass and Better Yourself

We strongly believe everyone should constantly push their limits and ‘be uncomfortable’, jump out of their comfort zones, and take on progressive challenges.


When everyone is moving forward in the same direction, success takes care of itself.