Embracing 2020 as a Start of ‘Lifelong Learning’: Here’s Why!

Hello, everyone!

Christmas decorations and jingles have popped up around every corner. As cliché as it might sound, some of us might have started to think about our progress this year, together with resolutions and goals for 2020. So have I.

Just two weeks ago, I took up the offer to challenge myself to enhance this website – a personal achievement for me considering zero IT background. I have delayed my intention to learn how to build a website for almost a year, for the limiting belief “this is too technical for me, I am not an IT person”. However, this desire kept coming back and I decided to challenge my self-doubt, knowing that digital marketing is a great skill to have and I can design my own website in future. And guess what? Now I am taking a website project for new brands too!

Was collating all the heartwarming testimonials from participants. This looks perfect!

Same goes to you, do you have any self-limiting beliefs, especially around lifelong learning? Some of the most common limiting beliefs that I notice hindering people from learning are:

“I have studied enough at my uni/poly.”

“I have no money lah.”

“Shouldn’t my company send me for training?”

If your company is supportive, they will send you for training, especially if it helps your job. However, I do believe that we should take the personal responsibility to upskill ourselves even without company support. I personally read a lot and learned that all successful figures dedicate and invest a portion of their income into continuous learning.

What’s the benefit, then? Learning a new concept can mean installing a new file to your brain – you learn something you totally didn’t know earlier. It’s a new toolbox to broaden our perspectives and make wiser decisions. We can also just learn for the purpose of picking up new hobby, which still help to ignite creativity and new ideas in our actual job or business (read: innovation!). All these help to add values to your customers, which is the basis of increasing your earning probability. Remember, no one owes us any extra pay raise, we earn extra only when we have shown that we have DELIVERED extra values.

If you are a housewife, why should you bother? I would quote famous statement from Indonesian artist Dian Sastro, “A smart mother will raise smart kids.” Wouldn’t you want to raise smart kids or if not, support your hubby excelling? Whatever state you are in right now, there is a compelling reason to train your learning muscle. To stay where you are right now is a waste of your hidden potential. Dream big, adopt a growth mindset – you can learn any skill you want to as long as you want to dedicate time and effort. Warren Buffett once said, “The best investment you can make is in yourself.” My sentiments exactly.

Cheers to Learning Year 2020,